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What we are really creating here is a network of "nice" hosts with "nice" place/s for our travelers to stay without a worry.

We are looking for the nicest places to stay. A place with all the small details taken care of, a place with a personal touch, a place where one feels at home, a place just like your home.

If you are a person who likes to interact with people, and enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life, from all over the world, then you are the kind of host we are looking for.

All our guests are verified before booking, and you get a chance to interact with them directly before accepting the bookings.

We see a great opportunity for people like you who live in a nice home, and have an extra room, or house to share with travelers, and make them feel at home. And! you get to earn while doing that.

We provide the technological and logistical support, and you host. We provide you an online platform and tools to promote and manage your business with least overhead and cost.

If you have such a place all you need is a nice website to start hosting. Reserve a URL now!

One last piece of information: After you reserve a URL for your place, we will get in touch with you, visit your place, talk to you, and if we like what we see then we approve and take your money*!

*We take your money only if you have opted for online booking service, else its all free for life.

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Website and hosting
Configure your rooms, content, images, prices

Commission free bookings
Neither hosts nor guests will be charged any commission

Display contact details, location
Speak to your guest directly

Unlimited rooms hosting

Professional copy on tourist attraction and activities

Google analytics integration

Support over email


Online room booking service
One time fully refundable security deposit

  • 0% commission on bookings
  • Verified bookings
  • Room price setup
  • Alerts and calendar integration
  • View all bookings
  • Price tips
  • Customer service over phone
  • Arbitration in case of conflicts
  • Booking history
  • Free upgrades

Front page listing
link to your URL at just INR 250/month

Third party booking engine integration
Push or pull of booking data

Upto 50 photos upload, third party site photo album stream integration
Push or pull of photos

Waiting list support for bookings
Guests will be able to waitlist themselves on dates that are not available. They will be intimated on priority basis

SEO, advertising and campaign management
We will manage your online marketing. Create ads, campaigns, and report metrics.

Expense management.
Manage finances related to the business only

Professional site content creation support
Done remotely over phone and email.

Enable international bookings support

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